Reaper + Wwise Workflow

Following is a quick video log resulted in trying to find a faster workflow working with Reaper and Wwise.


7 Things I learnt about Sound Design & Audio Post Production

Here are some of the ideas I wish to share after completing an academic assignment at the end of my studies at SAE Institute Singapore.The following points are some of the things that I  realised as I was progressing through sound designing for game play and cinematics of Fallout 4 by #Bethesda Studios.

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wwise and cube game set up

Wwise & Cube Game

In need to design sounds for a first person shooter game, At the time of this writing I had two audio engines of choice.

#2 Wwise

As Audio Kinetic provides cube game as a sample it was the most simplest solution  to easily get started and focus on audio and sound design aspect of the game. There are other options like integration with Unity, Unreal  game engines ,when it comes to the game, but the intention is to learn the sound design and programming for game.
Therefore I hope these notes will help anyone who is getting started with the game audio sound design and yet to get into the realm.

Following are the simple steps to be performed.

1 Install Wwise Components

  1. Wwise Authoring
  2. Wwise SDK

Note that I am working on a mac running OS X 10.9.2. Locate the windows installations here if you are in a windows system. Download the packages and follow the standard installation.

2 Download the cube game

The game can be downloaded here ( for mac).

3 Set up the libSDL2

Instructions are provided in the Readme file inside the CubeDemo folder. the set up can be downloaded from here for mac.
if not look in the root directory of the link, the directory listing provides all the versions available.

4 Relocate CubeDemo Folder


5 Launch Wwise

Since wwise tools have been already installed now you can launch wwise. After launching, select the cube game wwise project by browsing for projects.

6 Launch the game from command line

As an example, path to the execution script  and execution can be as follows. Make sure you are in bin folder before executing script.


This will launch the cube game.The game has Debug, Release versions and here I am running the Debug version.Alternatively, as instructed in audio kinetics readme file provided, the game can be launched from XCode as well.

Cube Running

6 Connect to the game from wwise

Now that cube is running, Clicking on the Remote button on the wwise toolbar should bring up a dialog box as follows.

wwise remote connection

wwise connected to cube
wwise connected to cube in profiler mode

Once the available connection is selected the game will be connected with the wwise engine receiving real time events.
Now begins the interesting part. To redesign the sounds and score for the complete game.